At 5 weeks old Madelynn was diagnosed with Coarctation of the Aorta, a life threatening Critical CHD. Her Aorta was growing straight up and not curved behind the heart, she had a hole in her heart and the Aorta needed an extended repair requiring Open Heart Surgery (OHS) first thing the next morning. There were some extended tests required to prepare for the next day and the family would walk over to hospital shortly thereafter. As the tests progressed the Head of Pediatric Cardiology said, “There is no medical reason she should be alive.” But she was.Madelynn’s heart was successfully repaired October 30, 2008 and she was given a second chance at Life. A chance her family has never taken for granted. She did suffer a collapsed lung, paralysis in her diaphragm and contracted strep pneumonia in the hospital after surgery. All of these things are medically correctable it just made her recovery a little bit more complicated and much longer.Madelynn is one of three children to parents Philip and Chelsea Addler. Siblings are Kaitlynn and Jackson.

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